Share your Wiimmfi Nintendo DS friend codes

Don’t worry this will probably be the last “share your” topic from me. I expect to see a lot of pokemon and mariokart. My MarioKart DS friend code is 4000-3236-4573

You do need an unsecured or WEP Wifi network so i got a wifi extender and set it up for WEP
You also no longer need Action Replay or an R4 cart. watch mrbean’s video here:

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Are the servers for DS games still running? I thought Nintendo took them down a few years ago. I still have my DS Lite, but I stopped playing online because a lot of idiots started trolling with cheat codes in Mario Kart and Metroid making the games unplayable.

no but you can use wiimmfi. i have only experienced one hacker on mariokart ds and he left before the race ended.