Share your photos of TReKiE with no shirt and pants on


Oh, I see.

Glad we got everything cleared up.


Omg. I’m Russian and i’m against homofobia. People who hate gays, pieces of shit. Аnd in this there is nothing illegal in Russia… Just a large part of the Russian people it’s stupid swines whoose homophobes racists and drunkards (not all but a lot of them) and if you are gay you will be humbled or even beaten… I think @TReKiE should impose punishment for racism and homophobia in the form of a ban :stuck_out_tongue:

my english i so baad


@Kos_Furler i hate gays too,.


it so stupid… they are born this way




it’s like a racism. you are cruel


keep your vidlii hate boner away from messengergeek,jesus fucking christ.


can you just shut the fuck up about vidlii already? just because the entire community doesn’t give a fuck about your shitty bfdi rants doesn’t mean that you have to moan about it.


If i hate something. I just move on.


I have created no BFDI rants since i don’t a fuck about BFDI/BFDIA/IDFB/BFB.

Anyways can this continue into what the title said?


doctor’s sausage bitch




Don’t expect any logic from him, that and he’s a huge attention whore who moaned about him leaving vidlii whilst not doing it. Jan has banned him from the vidlii discord because of that.


Doesn’t seem to happen when you’re moaning about BFDI. I think that you’re just a bfdi fan-in-denial. That and you’ve sperged against me and you’ve implied that i’m a bfditard lul.image


That’s a ball, not a penis.


Even people that hate object shows know the name of the object shows. Actually, someone else posted “Inanimate Insanity” before deleting it on discord.

Why you’re choosing this post as the “Gamerappa” drama.


is that parappafan94 on the bottom? i remember him from aim phoenix.


Of course, I am Parappafan94.


hey, i am charizard on phoenix


Actually, Rappa’s right. However, it’s only a tiny portion of the tip, though, so I don’t think it should constitute for a flag.