Share your photos of TReKiE with no shirt and pants on


It’s like saying i’m only welcome on Skype 8 and not welcome on MSN. It’s also like saying i’m forced to watch fucking BFDI and not watch something else… Also this will be my very last post on Raw and Random.

Now continue doing what the title said.


just get air smh!


What does that have anything to do with what I said?!? 0_o


What? What you’ll do next? Spamming my directs with random posts saying random stuff about that type?

See you in when those “Share your” stuff gets disallowed or they die.

  1. I don’t harass people with links to random threads.

  2. This was a jab at that whole “Share your” thing, so I don’t know how you think this is one of them. :confused:


I know multiple. Share your “Notepad icon”, Share your “my computer icon”, Share your “home screen”, Share your “desktop” etc.


The first one you list was a jab at the rest of the “Share your” threads you listed.


What? There’s way too much jabs than the good. This one is a jab. duh. Because you made it


we have such that in real life, that on the Internet, although quilted vatnicks (or patriots who constantly watch TV, believing in all the nonsense) will immediately call them Gayropeans (???)


What do you mean?


He means that he believes in that nonsense and he shows it off proudly.

Back to @veselcraft, you can get that nonsense out of here, and back to wherever Russia accepts it. Believe all you want, but don’t ruin the fun for others because your corrupted law says so.


Look. I’m taking 22% of the discussion… but who is “he”. Me? Yourself? Appledoo?




lol I do not watch Russian TV just because of the propaganda “The US is bad!” “russia is good!”. it seems that they did not watch the news about what is being sent to prison for extremism for a swastika in VKontakte, and a photo depicting a swastika, an archive one.


I’m sorry, but the poor English kind of blurs lines. Should’ve asked. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’m still confused as to why you’d flag the thread if you didn’t find it distasteful yourself.

(Or did you say that you believe in the “homosexuality is a crime” thing, but you’re not an extremist about it)


No offense but it’s off-topic.


you always love someone to pairing and I’m sick of it


I never paired anyone in this thread. And even then, you have the natural ability to ignore it.


I do not mean it. that a homosexual is not a crime


hmmm k