Share your photos of TReKiE with no shirt and pants on


What is wrong with you?!? The thread itself barely contains any NSFW on or around it.


In Russia, it’s illegal to be gay. Might be that /shrug


Can you explain why your image has a small section of a dick which “MSN Messenger is cool” already founded out?


If that’s what he’s following, then that is despicable to even flag a thread because of your country’s twisted laws on sexuality, or anything that’s too morally offensive to those boobs for that matter.


@Gamerappa It’s not that noticeable, nor is it the main focus of the thread.


its not even a dick smh


Are you sure?


thats not a dick as i said

wait a minute


So you think it’s a… this is getting out of hand because there are children in this forum… dammit…


Think of the children, they say.

Shut up about that crap, I say.


a what? i actually thought it was a diaper


So you think that TReKiE in that photo is a ABDL? It’s a fetish where adults wear diapers.


it just came into my mind i don’t know shit about fetishes


Crude drawing of adult wearing diaper <> Diaper fetish.


i know you, you are 13, and you are talking to someone younger then ya.


From now i’ll be muting Raw and Random until the “Share your” trend will die. It’s just lame that type is eating up Raw and Random. I would like if there was a different section for those.


Well then, we hardly knew ye.

Go pamper some other place that isn’t for kids and isn’t serious in nature and try to make it 100% kid-friendly and serious, like how you want it in your warped mind. :stuck_out_tongue:


“Other place that isn’t for kids”… Are talking about VidLii? No. I already left VidLii. I think i’m bored of this because of “MSN-messengeris-cool”. :frowning:


get air


That’s not what I meant. You might want to get your head out of the gutters for once.