Share your flash games collection

I know, share your (insert something here), are posts of 2018 but…

Why not? :stuck_out_tongue:

On my flash collection i have some games of Sift Heads.

i have [S] Cascade saved on my machine

I have those

All papa’s games

Almost all friv old games


[S] Wake

mumble mumble Flashpoint over 36000 games grumble

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wow, 36000+ games…
You have a big collection.

not me! the flashpoint guys are archiving as many web games as possible; they even have some games you can’t play online nowadays. i’ve only contributed about 125 games.

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Next games to add in my collection:
SF World and Cartels
And some racing games

Shockwave Flash:
Burnin’ Rubber series
Redline Rumble series
and runner ffx (or fxx)