Share your desktops!


the good old windows xp style :slight_smile:


yes, and I love it. haha, I almost lost the VM last night but I got it working almost perfectly like it was before. now I have to deal with internet explorer pushing everything into firefox. even if I go to it pushes that into firefox too.


strange , this never happened to me (i use windows xp in my macbook 2007 )


it’s probably doing that because it lost some original files when I hit disk cleanup. I had to repair the operating system and reinstall some stuff. such as service pack 3 and adobe flash 10.


Is this deskloss?



Hmmmm… I dont have a screenshot tool… But… I could use a camera… cn_happy_072010


Im on reddit too!


What os do you have? Just use the Prnt Scr key in your keyboard


Cool! What’s your username?


She’s still using a phone. :stuck_out_tongue:


Power button + home button if you’re using a Samsung


Im on LG




Heres my desktop.

If u are wondering why its not Cinnamoroll. I like Radio Gosha AND Cinnamoroll.


Wait you had a computer ALL THIS TIME?! :open_mouth:

So why not use that instead of your phone? :stuck_out_tongue:


I like Mobile better than PC.


Oh, I can see. :stuck_out_tongue:


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