Share your desktops!


Ultrawide monitor :smiley: Got 2 of them.


As long as he has a modern version of a browser like Chrome installed, then whatever version of IE he has doesn’t matter. I’ve saw lots of people who never bothered to update IE but are at least using a better browser.


its not because a person use it , ie 8 is insecure even if you dont use it


And the tabs on wlm are not working when he has ie8


Nothing fancy, pretty basic really.


Devuan 2.0 Ascii (debian without systemd) with the Mate Desktop. It still has the default theme. I installed the “compiz-reloaded” package to give the nice effects i have


nice xD


My desktop with windows xp classic moon wallpaper


I updated my desktop yet again as of now. :stuck_out_tongue:



The desktop on my second PC. It runs Windows 7 but with a Vista theme, along with a pumpkin wallpaper (which was actually taken by an MS employee).


My Windows XP - Mon Windows XP


…is that wlm 8.5? :open_mouth:


It works when you have the tls 1.1 tls1.2 update:p i should update my thread then :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Ew. Too much stuff. .-.


I love minimalism! <3


looks at filenames


Sure buddy. OwO


I remember having that wallpaper! :slight_smile:


i like both metro ui (2012 one, and newest) and skeumorphism