Share your desktops!


Windows 7 Home Basic

Pentium 4 3.00 GHz 1 Gb of RAM


My laptop’s desktop

censored private things (NOT PORN!!!)


Yet another linux distro (Mint 18.3 (i’m planning on upgrading to 19), customized a little


rip your contact list


reviving this, i suppose




My school laptop


can you please give it to me :stuck_out_tongue:


@penguin001 without context that reply looked really gay lol


Good games, buddy


Windows vista theme, BOOTIFUL




my current Windows 98 Desktop


Nice font on taskbar lol




This is my Windows 98 Desktop (on real hardware) !


Why on God’s green earth do you have Windows 98 on real hardware?


Because it’s better than on a virtual machine (which always crashes). Not only is it on real hardware, but it’s on a laptop from September 2000.


Okay, then that’s fine.

I was expecting you to say it was on a more recent computer, which was why I sounded so aggressive.


No, but I bought this laptop exactly a year ago for $150 though and I replaced both the battery and the CMOS battery (this PC had Windows 7 and was very slow, but with 98, it’s very fast).