Share your desktops!

what the heck

I’d suggest using something like Debian. Thanks to Plasma 6 being on Wayland by default, the methods to make KDE look like Windows 7 are outdated for now so sticking to Plasma 5 would be ideal

Is “TeamSpeak 3” actually TeamSpeak or just a disguised Discord?

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That is perfect for purple futriger aero

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My Windows 7 VM.

my windows 10 desktop as windows vista!


it’s ts3, i really hate using discord :stuck_out_tongue:

idk what to do on KDE anymore so here is:

You can put a text in the Clock?

(post deleted by author)

of course
(btw ignore this deleted message above I thought i didn’t reply to u but i did lol)

lol never even noticed it was possible

Windows 10 to Vista, cause why not?

BONUS: Beautyfox, a Firefox skin to look like IE9 to IE11


my main desktop!

Oh my lord, this is a very awesome desktop!

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11/10 ranvir approved.

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Is it just me or does the border look inaccurate?

Screw it, changed the SKU to Vista Home Premium

But, it’s still Windows 10…
Also fixed the typo in the word “available”

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