Share your desktops!




Yes this my Pentium 4 machine with HyperThreading :slight_smile:


pentium 4HT are awesome , it can even run windows 10 :stuck_out_tongue:


About XP machinesā€¦ i got 3 lying around (2 of which are caseless).


Why do you have two antivirus programs installed simultaneously? It will conflict, recommend you remove one (preferably Qihoo 360) :stuck_out_tongue:


i removed it :slight_smile:



I censored everything personalā€¦

Cauz reasons.


I know i know thats porn lol


This is not funny,

What I censored is just personal family pics or personal videos.




I would very much doubt that he would save porn on the desktop :stuck_out_tongue:


This is from a different computer than the last post from april


finally, someone who understands! I censor that files too and maybe even replace it with virtual world avatar stuff. :stuck_out_tongue: protecting family is important you know. also myself :slight_smile:


this is my new pc windows 8.1 my desktop is very simple


that wallpaper bring me memories




I thought you were dead! We have to chat again sometime!


Boards of Canada :stuck_out_tongue:


my new os!!!111!!! windows 7 p.s i formated my pc