Share your desktops!

I had basically the same type of desktop and taskbar as a kid, hell, I somehow still have that issue.

Also why is the club penguin wallpaper a crusty jpeg?

list each one of the 6 browsers


  • K-Meleon
  • Lunarscape
  • MyPal
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera

Notable mention

  • Thunderbird
  • Chrone Browser (Not a spelling mistake, Chrone, not Chrome.)
    (Chrone is from


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it’s an alternative account.

I’m not going to bother sharing a picture of my actual desktop because it has no icons.

Instead, have a picture of the desktop of a old tower I got recently. Bye now.


internet explorer 8

(1 month bump lol)
wtf i never thought there’d be more fellow klonoa enjoyers around here besides me, LOL

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btw its windows 10 but with win7 theme

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Unless there is no virus, delete Mario Forever.

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like ok i just played it one time and i can delete it but why

There could be viruses.

Heres what that KWrite window says

Hi so this is LS1

So heres some stuff/info:

Wallpaper is by David Revoy (

I’m running Arch with KDE on my PC (This is a “dual boot” (if you can even call this one as it doesn’t have a boot menu lmao, I have to manually select my arch installs hard drive) with Windows 10 and Arch on it, I previously had Haiku on it.)

I used “scrot” to screenshot this
And I posted this on Falkon (KDE native browser).
Thanks for reading this.

you use linux?

Yup, I use Windows on a 250GB SSD, and Linux on my 1TB HDD (there was a 160GB HDD (where Haiku was on) but that got switched out with another HDD)

oh yeah btw heres the drives

Heh Jokes on you i also use linux

oops forgot i use linux