Share your desktops!

my windows xp pc, dont worry the black bars the image was a bmp

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lol xp in 2020

hereโ€™s my Vista Second Gaming PC as now:

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gaming pc with vista? :thinking:

itโ€™s also dual boot with Windows 8.1 (has cracked aero glass and i might call it as Crystal8 because i use Crystal8 theme atlas)

btw my copy of Vista has Extended Kernel installed (got it from WinClient5270).
Iโ€™m waiting for the Extended Kernel to have 32-bit support so Vista can run Discord.

XP users might able to run windows 7 if Alky For Applications with Vista Extended Kernel is combined.

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wew after a long upload :confused:
Okay, this is my Tiny7 install on a same laptop. Currently has issue I think a random freezing issue. :frowning:
But yeah, luckily itโ€™s working today :smiley:
Wallpaper: EmeraldGalaxy on DeviantArt :slight_smile:

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network :thinking:

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Yeah I think 'cause people rarely using it. But I showing it for decorating my desktop :slight_smile:

itโ€™s weird but ok

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Yeah, i also showing it too, most people also showing Network icon but they also never using it.

Anyway hereโ€™s my Win8.1 Desktop (if i tries to modify the Charms and/or Logon Screen to look like Windows 8 DP (using CustomizerGod), Windows got deactivated and you cannot even reactivate using KMS anymore, plus in Settings app its Display a Blank Error message).

Also a Glass CMD (the Programs section on fences was not fixed at the time i capture before the Screenshot_90).

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new pc

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Tbh who cares about what os you use in 2020.

update windows 7 machine with simplix pack!!

ask nojus of how to be able to run shit in xp in 2020

Clean, non-riced Linux setup. Using Fedora Rawhide as distro.


That is illegal.



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