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Doesn’t work for msn though does it.


you’d be amazed to hear that it actually does.


omg no way which version? :smiley: gimme gimme gimme and tell me how. pweeese


actually i kinda bended the truth a bit
while Adium supports MSN, it most likely only supports MSNP21 and there is no option to change it. if you try logging on you will only get to the login prompt.
who knows if you can get around it tbh i’m sure you can if you know the source



Welcome to my Server’s desktop. Has a lot of tweaks and other stuff to get MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE! :stuck_out_tongue:


WLM 8 doesn’t like my Windows XP VM somehow

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forkies and retards reeeeeee



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How can I have this Media Player ?


It’s the original Windows Media Player Series 9 from Windows XP. If you want it, I guess you should install Windows XP in a VM and then just copy the Media Player folder to your main computer.

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Problem Sleuth, nice!

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My updated desktop


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i like i have in my phone and my Xbox One

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Wait what? Q4OS? I saw an old image of TDE on Slackware? Maybe I assume because of the SLACKBUILDS.txt file that was on an old post.