Share your desktops!



awww thats cute



My cat is sleep on my bed xD



My Windows Seven Ice v1 VM.
I tried to create a 2010 computer.


looks nice


installed windows 8.1 on my main pc

why do i have a feeling i will regret this


New Desktop, again my shitty laptop
I just cleaned all of trash desktop icons to 1 Folders (named Applications)


hope yall like some


a e s t h e t i c


why? 8.1 is a excellent system




Am I the only person who actually liked the Windows 8/8.1 Metro UI? I actually liked that Start Screen, The Charms Bar and the Windows 8 sounds. I wish you could have it in Windows 10 aha


if you want, i could give you the sounds
you can change the sounds even in windows 10
Control Panel > Sound > Sounds, select a sound and click Browse


urgh just no. lol


me too


wanna hear something funny

(2:06 PM) Vitjokkkk (A): 8.0 and 10 its same


Hopefully you found a linux distro to use lol


i also like windows 8 metro UI, especially the animations