Share Objectively Bad Songs

Whatever you dislike.

I’ll start:

Notice: Below is just rambling.

This is my “album” that I was about to release in June 2020, but cancelled it amid fears of DMCA (keep in mind, these are modified versions of copyrighted songs). they mostly sound lamer than their original version. There’s 4 versions of “Want You Gone” on this “album”, and the rest is ethier mashups of two different songs, or just random stuff.

I started to work on it in September 2019 (albeit the first song was “made” in January 2019), and was finished in March 2020 with the last song being a very-slowed down version of a theme song of that cartoon.

So like the Mouth albums?

Maybe? but mine sounds shittier.

hey that song’s rockin don’t trashtalk my main gal

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Here is my contribution:

It was always a guilty pleasure for me, but another will-not-be-named person in the past Messenger community used to torture people with it. On loop.

I think this song is the best ever i heard


callie,marie,cadence and miku: hold our :b:epsi

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OK, so a bad song, the 7th element, coz it’s inconfortable