Setting up individual HTTP proxy servers for our WLM 2009s


I’m now thinkin’ about givin’ my WLM 2009 an HTTP server of it’s own while waitin’ till this Thurs. I’m usin’ a 32-bit Vista.

Has anyone ever heard of Apache? Has anyone ever gone 2 the site? & has anyone downloaded a an HTTP server from the site?

Some of us R hopin’ Microsoft will update the servers this Thurs., right?


looks nice!!! we looking forward to see great news from you, so we can sing in from out loved 2009!!! thanks for the enford!!! :slight_smile:


Seems like MS is done with updating their servers.
No servers changed today.

I have the feeling that MS is going to use msnp21 over https protocol for some other services, and they only abanddon msnp18.
So thats basicly a possitive thing.

If you are a software developer your self, it should be possible, to tweak wlm2009 with the login protocol of wlm2012.


Well I’m not really a software developer; I’m just hopin’ Jonathan finds a way 2 stop the login error ( 80072efd ). :sweat_smile:


Well i discovered something interessting.

im pretty sure, that till yesterday all msnp18 protocols where blocked by all servers.
But i checked out today and i saw one particular bay server accepting msnp18 again, but not over http unfortuantly.

But still its interessting.


Any solutiion by now for WLM 2009?
For longer than a week I am unable to log in.
Will appreeciate if anyone can help. Activating reviver does not solve the matter.
Thanks in advance.


nope msnp18 is gone.