Server always down

Hi guys, it seems that the server is always down since they´ve done the update, it´s nearly impossible to use the messenger during the night now, always logging out. Do any of you know if they are working to solve this? If you have contact with the developers, please, tell them to create a patreon so we can help with some donations to get the server better.

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You can contact with developers in Discord

Tonight was the first time I’ve been able to sign in since Sunday, so maybe it is getting better?

after five minures of having it minimized, it logs me out then to log bac kin I have to run troubleshooter then click repair

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Guys, I think we should have a little more patience and understand the moment. It was a great launch and many people were looking forward to WLM 2009, so it is to be expected that instabilities will occur. Right now, use and enjoy the “new” version and help devs by reporting bugs and suggestions for improving the WLM 2009 experience. Avoid criticism, be more grateful.

Edit.: Even the 80048821 errors that occurred here on MSN 7.5 on XP were fixed with the latest patch, along with the tab bar that sometimes didn’t load and now everything works fine. The devs are doing a great work!


Sure, that´s why I told if they are having dificulties, how we could help, maybe with some donations. I think they really are doing a great job.


bueno en este caso en mi caso yo no he ofendido de esa forma pero si igual asi como tu me gustaria apoyar a los desarrolladores o mejor te indico que es lo que ha sucedido conmgo para que se lo comentes a ellos y ver que puede suceder resulta que al haber instalado office 2007 y wlm 2009 de alguna manera hay conflicto por ejemplo cuando inicio sesion en wlm 2009 me aparece un cuadro de dialogo que dice Espere mientras microsoft office 2007 se configura sin haber abierto algun archivo de office 2007 me entiendes? entonces no se si eso sea un bug que lo informes.

Yes, mate, that’s so true.

Exactly, we should have something to test instead of begging for the full release, just like when beta software releases and we report bugs and make suggestions and etc.

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probably making things better. yahoo messenger is still W.I.P

they shouldn’t be, because thats a server side issue, not a client issue.

I celebrated too soon, now the error code has changed: 80048820
Still, you still log in after a few attempts or repair.

Same here (while testing it now)