Search for super rare OS

Hello community,
I have been looking for the ISO of 2 operating systems for several years, I have already searched for ftp’s, ddl’s and torrents and found nothing (web archive too), it would be “Windows Server Code Name Aurora” (Build 7360 or similar) and "Windows Small Business Server 7 Preview "…

Can anyone help me there?


The only build 7360 is a beta build of Home Server 2011, and I can’t find anything like SBS 7.

it doesn’t have to be build 7360, it just has to be an iso from the project “Code Name Aurora” and “Sbs 7 Preview”.

Sorry, none of these 2 things you listed exist, or there are no leaked builds so far, try searching BetaWiki if i’m wrong,

they are hard to find, but betaarchive the them all.

or here, a dl wich won’t work because i can’t log in to the website:和Server2008R2%20Beta%2FMicrosoft%20Windows%20Small%20Business%20Server%20(’‘Aurora’’%206.1.7657.0)%20(x64%20rc)&parentPath=%2Fsharelink1074635353-1615887791

I searched the BA database, no such thing as SBS 7 Preview, heres the link to the database.

Not in the db but it’s a topic:

I still don’t see any leaked builds of this canceled project.

No ISOs from betaarchive? - Are there any alternatives to the beta archive Sources? Any other Websites?

Well if it’s not leaked then you can’t find it.

And the dl from baidu? The OS was released via Microsoft-Connect. At the release time i worked with the Vail 7360, it was a sister project.

Well I can’t confirm that Chinese link because:

  1. I don’t want to create an account for some Chinese website
  2. I am not Chinese.

okay makes sense, I tried but you need a chinese phone number, so it is practically impossible … But the system has been published, so somebody still has the iso from the public test phase from old days (ctp3, beta 1 was in parallel with WHS “Vail” published in the Connect portal or?) - There were also torrents from the system in circulation.

The Chinese website has a speed limit untill you subscribed.

Can you download that file and upload it somewhere else?

No, my account is limited to 2 bytes/s, and I deleted my Baidu account.

that’s why you need to live in france

i would like to do but i won’t install baidu shit on my pc

and also the closest thing i have is windows 2007