Say something redundant!

As title says, say something redundant, like:

I’m building a building!


My friend Josh has a bad bad day

Tomorrow I was watching the movie “The return of those who never went”.


I loved that part xD

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Today i was doing r andom stuff and a thunderstorm occured

Something redundant

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I was thinking of me buying milk thinking about me in m room playing and thinking about me thinking about buying milk…

im the propaganda boy for a shampoo company, i go to the supermarket to buy shampoo and say “damn that dude looks like me!”

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‘Windows Phone is neat’ :stuck_out_tongue:


'Yesterday i was at the construction site, just hanging out, when i hear someone say “DAMN BOY IM NAILING EVERYTHING” then i see a man putting nails to everything and including stuff that shouldn’t be nailed, was expecting someone to do everything right tbh, smh."

Today i was thinking how i really wanted a pocket pc 2003 and i eated potatos

that isn’t redundant

“Texting has changed our lives as it’s more portable and better than sitting down at a computer desk to talk to someone.”
“Old stuff isn’t usable anymore. Get the latest thing.”


“Do the right things right!”
confuses and explodes


the world is a square ball that turns stopping

is there any reason why nobody talked about the main thing for nearly a year until new updates started happening?

Yesterday I am talking in a talk, but I thought that I thought I was talking about a talk that was talked by a talker

I just bought a cat toy for cats.

I’m eating chocolate now