Ruin a Wish

Denied, Post was already deleted
I wish someone did not delete their wish

Granted, but this thread becomes inactive for a while.
I wish that i had more ideas for wishes.

Granted, but it’s only dumb ideas
I wish that wish is deleted

Granted, but everybody knew it existed.
I wish everybody had better internet

Granted, but your internet is slowed to 56kbps.
I wish I had a working phone.

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Granted, but you only get calls from telemarketers.
I wish… i don’t even know… I wish that i still had ideas for damn wishes.

Granted but you don’t have ideas for anything else, (Projects and stuff)
I wish I was taller.

Granted, but you’re so tall you start having problems with like, everything.
I wish I could forcibly move anything I want

Granted, but you can’t choose where it’s going to move
I wish I could fart without anyone knowing that was me. (Try to ruin this)

Granted, but it only works half of the time

Granted, null.
I wish the streak wouldn’t die

granted, but the post gets locked after 20 minutes
i wish i had a gaming pc

Granted, but you buy a 2011 used one in gross condition

i wish my gaming pc could run watch dogs without the fans going to 100% with 80% cpu usage.

Granted, but Blockland doesn’t run on your computer anymore.

what do you wish for? also i got another AH CRAP ITS GOT LINUX

i wish i had an working icq revival for windows

granted, but you can only message one person ever

whats your wish?

don’t have one