RIP Yahoo Answers

Well Yahoo Answers just shut down yesterday RIP gone but not forgotten.

rip in peace. fuck quora.

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why you hate it?

made this grave on imgflip


If you’re implying that Quora killed Answers, I don’t think that’s necessarily true, I think it’s more like it filled the Q&A vacuum that was left when Yahoo stopped investing into it.

Also worth noting that Microsoft had their own attempt at this too.

If you’re looking for the entertainment quality of Yahoo Answers, you can always read the Q&A section on Amazon product pages, they are quite similar :stuck_out_tongue:.

Quora is worse, everyone is randomly more polite and now instead of being “What is happen after you do [Stupid Thing]” it’s now some fake bullshit “My son/daughter, who is [number] years old, is doing [Stupid Thing], what should I do?” questions that get exposed like a day after the question goes live. Additionally, I also stumbled on some pedophile fetish group ring on Quora that even when reporting like 5+ times they still haven’t nuked the group.

i meant that.

i’d rather being cremated alive than seeing what they’re doing

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the japanese version still exists, i read it on wikipedia

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sorry for derailing

don’t fucking see, it’s basically just a community of people that ask shit related to their kinks. there was this one guy who wrote his full history of his fucking kink from age 3 1/2 (or 4 1/2?) up until to present-ish date spread over like 20 quora questions related to the kink, his account got deleted (or terminated) a few months ago.

the community seems to be ranging from “hornyious” teenagers to i’m pretty sure 40-60 year olds. i haven’t heard a case of any of the teens getting groomed, but it seems like they share their contact info on quora groups.

Yeah i posted it here.

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