RIP my Samsung Galaxy Note II

It has suffered the tragic fate of the red light of death
This is what happens when you stick with your main phone for 6 years

(press F to pay respects)

the blinking red light?

It’s a hardware issue of the Note II that causes it to dimly blink a red light indefinitely and never turn on again, no matter what you do.

aww rip. it doesn’t respond to anything like receiving messages or holding the power button?

nope, not even powering it on plugged in without the battery works.

That sucks. Wonder what caused it. No screen at all even with the battery out?

No screen at all. It just randomly happened while I was creating a simple custom Linux distro using LFS and I grabbed my phone to check my discord notifications, only to discover that it wouldn’t unlock, and after removing the battery and putting it back in, red light of death.

what phone are you planning on getting now?

not sure, but for now i’ll just use some random ZTE phone I had lying around

bitch mine died of oled rot


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“body is clear, it’s complete (not really but who cares)”

its probably because i chucked it at my desk because my dad wouldnt let me charge it


(shameless necrobump)

photo before the fuckening


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