Rip my discord account

some guy reported me for being underage

fuck it i made a new one: a guy that exists#6043

Did it ask you for your birth date?

no, some guy on some server asked my age and i said 12 will turn 13 in 2 months (which is true)

also i cant send messages at all to anyone on the new account, funny how i get the cant send dm error in the mg discord

Pro tip: If someone asks for your age, just don’t answer.



Protip 2: Don’t say “It’s private”, it’ll make a clear giveaway that you’re underaged.

rest in peace, epictaco404’s discord account. lolza

nope just pulled an escargot on it,

c o o l i o.

and when i get banned and make a thread of it, ppl here just trow shit on me

Cause EpicTaco has not tried to hack people, harrassed, and somethings i dont remember


I saw a screenshot of InSanic getting ChazizPF94’s “Token”, He has no right to complain about getting banned when trying to obtain someone’s token, being exceptionally rude and more.


welli tried but it was patched

“well i tried” isn’t a valid response, attempting to damage someone’s PC is a crime and you can get a fine, probation or jail time.


Pedrox gave me exe files to unlegit software a while back, mostly free nitro generators and survey removers.


Plus, Pedrox is an attention “whore” and whenever we point that out he replies that a mental (condition?) (i dont remember which one) is his problem. While that may be true it isn’t a “Get out of jail free” card.

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i was banned because someone figured out i was fucking 1 1/2 months underaged and reported me