Rip escargot spaces?


also i would like to see Mess Brazil:: Nova Era, sounds pretty cool!


now i need to wait for ol’ corrupt


Nice suspended account memes, guys! :wink:
It’s back up, I’m backing up EVERYTHING so we can find a better host. :slight_smile:


lol thanks… these ads were stupid as hell


you even got the old one but with a diff emoticon :wink:




sorry, i have backed everything up this time. will go to a new host after i do school things.


see guys, I knew he was busy. all was needed is patience. :smile: hugs to everyone here.


Escargot Spaces will be down for temporarily as I figure out what to do next in regards to hosting and whatnot.

I sincerely apologise about these recent events and I hope for a stronger and better Escargot Spaces as soon as possible.


so, lets go to LOL




srsly no one posts here anymore


these are supposed to look bad,right? if so, iv’e got this in the bag






what a masterpiece this was


4 months later


not for me


The website works for me but i cannot loggin :S Why ?? Is it definitely closed ?