Rip escargot spaces?


i want to use it so bad :((


itz dead, im already trying 2 contact MP.


crap we are totally doomed. AAAAAAAAAA


don’t worry everyone. it should be online soon enough. i’m sure he knows it offline and is taking care of it. some times people do go busy without notice too.


you sure? he’s online in messenger, but not being active (to me anyway)


this thing is getting scary each time i see a similar result with the same site


even git hub shit is getting like that


Yes I am sure. :slight_smile: some times people go a little busy and don’t have a lot of time to manage the social media site.


that’s already bad, however this is a problem, i don’t understand

#Save Escagot Spaces (SES)


i was like “time to do an new blog, all my art work, custom theme stuff is done, lets go to e-s-c-a-r-g-o-t-s-p-a-c-e-s-dot-c-f, there! um wait, what the fricking shit is this?”


iI know right? i just happened out of nowhere, no warning, which is a Red Flag in itself.

#Save Escargot Spaces (SES)


the worst about it is the ad stock photos, just lol


this was the banner for my new blog, which would be an tribute to an 2003 brazillian msn site, maybe if it gets working back, it will be an big project, if i take time and dedication


i noticed that blog, however it was empty.


it wasnt completed before it went down


doesn’t mess(dot)be still exist? If I remember, it was, however all the downloads are broke.


archive bud
i download msn skins from there



like i don’t know about the Internet Arcrhive? also still, some of the archived downloads are still broke
PS omg lolllllllllll


hang on gotta “oof” up the image, brb