Request if moderators accept it or not

But, I was supposed to make a vmdk publishing on M###, so, now, I’ll just quit, due to the admins, it make unpossible, So, I’ll say a question to @TreKie if is accepted or not

Is Windows 98SE with Plus! Retrozilla (Almost Netscape Navigator), Firefox, AIM Phoenix (if accepted, i’ll change to MSN Messenger), etc

what did roblox hide from this post

TL;DR he’s whinning about one of his posts being deleted because of sharing a Win98 key on MSFN, that is forbidden on there.

angry because not following rules, expected here

I don’t give him a 98 key, and, the microsoft Literally Abandon Windows 98SE

Why not create a key yourself? it is possible

still piracy

great one

but you pirated mac os lol

isnt mac os free?

I did indeed download a modified version of it, but you can just use a real mac and download the latest mac os from the app store, some older versions are stilla avaible yet to this day

only if you follow the eula.

that is valid, but its not like pirating it, more like modifyng it