Reporting a possible sex predator

I am known to be a guy that always likes to add everyone that sends a Friend Request on messenger but this time this guy has been annoying asking nudes, then asking to “phone sex” and forcing to “watch his ass” that is probable a virus hidden in a .avi file so after a while he added a lot of people in a big group and start asking them all for ass pictures

His/her email: cock@ball.torture


  1. Create a spoofed account.
  2. Add him on said account.
  3. Lure him into thinking you’re legit.
  4. Drop a bomb on him, then report to the fucking NSA.
  5. Enjoy yourself while the FBI is storming his house.

its a troll account lol

even tho its a troll account its not funny, minors use escargot

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he didn’t add me but thanks for knowing who not to add, just like Pedro Borges

it’s a troll by malakas or something

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