Replace ad WLM 2009 (Local Server)

Hey ! So i want to change this ad :
I made an MSN 2009 server and i want to change it
Anyway thanks in advance alessio :stuck_out_tongue:

You must install Resource Hacker, edit msgsres.dll and go to folder 4000, within that folder, look for resource 1472. You right click on that resource. Click on “Replace Resource …”, select an image for the ad and save the file.
I hope I’ve helped you.

he mean about advertisement for all users on server, not for myself

You are right but if that’s not possible,i will just let the WLM thing
@OhHelloThereImTheGuy (im very sorry for ping)

for that you just have to wait til wlm2009 releases custom ads will be included I think

I don’t think Escargot will get custom image ads. I did not saw any announcements from Kirk (OhHelloThereImTheGuy) and Valtron regarding custom ads. There was a post about sharing your custom image ads (not official), and at one point a contest for custom text ads (official)


Okay,anyways thanks for your responses guys but yeah i dont think there will be custom ads.
But there is still “Text AD”
I will use this !
Anyway thanks !

Here is a test of chat :
Everything work perfectly (not calls,games)

Img ads will not be added for wlm 2009 (in this moment), but text ads yes.

Either Games and voice calls Will not working for long Time thats sure