Remember TReKiE x Patchou...?


Hehe, about that-

Oy vey, @Patchou got a girlfriend, eh? trkhd


logically, he (patchou) would be possibly talking about the P!babe (maybe?), instead of JK, but in your world…


TReKiE x Patchou was a joke ship to begin with, so I wasn’t that surprised to see that Patchou had a girlfriend.

But considering I did make some (lewd) jokes about both @TReKiE and @Patchou in terms of the ship (it even stemmed a joke fic, which is sexually graphic FYI), if you put everything into perspective, the whole ship just feels weird now. :stuck_out_tongue:


@TReKiE hath been searching far and wide for his new boyfriend love ever since. :stuck_out_tongue:


hmmm i don’t understant what hapened


It’s mostly a thing I did on MSN, so I’m sorry if you don’t really know what TReKiE x Patchou was all about.

But I guess you could look at these to get in the know somehow:


they are like a love couple?


T O T A L L Y .


no :stuck_out_tongue:


sim = yes ( i love ms paint )


That’s just Google Translator being Google Translator.


:fire: M :fire: HE IS MINE ONLY M I N E !!!


Which one?


LOL! You decided to come back once again, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

One, this was a joke ship, so IDK what you’re on about.

Still, this is not MessengerGeek Singles. I’m not even sure if you’re old enough to date either @TReKiE or @Patchou, considering your mannerisms and behaviour here and their associated age groups. I don’t think you’d fall under any of the “legally allowed to date adults” categories by then, would you? :sweat_smile:


That’s supposed to be an emoticon? I legitimately thought the M was another emote in between the flames, but nope. :laughing:

Oh yeah. The million-dollar question:

Thou sought-after @TReKiE has a life, and isn’t mingling with you anytime soon, and sweet prince @Patchou only be for his now-wife with his daughter. :wink:


Oh, i-im sorry i thought that was Andreso!!! >m<


Wut? Optica Caroní, ven y verás


OH! :stuck_out_tongue:

Still obsessed with him, even after the few months you’ve been gone? You must be kidding me. :laughing:


oh fUk shipping!!!