Regarding the Escargot YMSG server's progress

While the problem initially brought up in question has since been resolved, a good portion of this thread is still relevant, as we do need more competent reverse-engineers to help up progress in certain areas, like create an msidcrl-like patch for WLM 2009 connectivity, or even find out how msidcrl connects to RST.srf to either hack the URL it connects to or recode it from the ground up without jumping to conclusions. This could make real Microsoft accounts on Escargot actually possible! :smiley:

So I’m here to bring forth an update about the Escargot’s YMSG server’s progress.

So if you read this post in one of my threads (Escargot and YMSG (Yahoo! Messenger)), you should already know I’ve hit a snag on contact management (which has since been resolved).

After a while, I decided to email @valtron about this. As usual, he replied, and honestly, his response was kind of eye-opening.

Basically, the reverse-engineers we have on board aren’t much of a big help, not as in they’re busy with other stuff, because we have responsibilities to take care of in everyday life, but as in when things get too dirty in terms of digging in code, they just can’t do anything, which probably explains why Escargot hasn’t gotten to implementing real accounts. We can understand this, not every reverse-engineer/debugger is an expert.

And this is why we need more reverse-engineers/debuggers. Unfortunately, most of the forumgoers here are just geeks interested in MSN, so asking for help here won’t do much help for us. But if you know someone who’s good at reverse-engineering or if you are a good reverse-engineer that can dig through the “dirt” (in layman’s terms, persevere through code from start to finish), it would be appreciated if you could contact me or the big V(altron). :stuck_out_tongue:

See ya! :slight_smile:

EDIT: For people considering to contact me or Valtron to help us, my email is the same as my Escargot, As for Valtron, try asking one of the Escargot devs for it. Posting someone’s email address which hasn’t been made public by them is kind of unethical. Also, there are certain people who would use said email address to ask mundane and redundant questions, so we have to trust you to let you have direct contact with the big V(altron). :stuck_out_tongue: