Regarding the current downtime of Spaces


As you may know, Escargot Spaces is currently down. This downtime is beyond my control at this stage. as I have contacted the person who is hosting it. Unfortunately, a backup of the current state of Spaces has not been made as I was in the process of obtaining a computer at my house for that process (which I still am).

The only backup I have of Spaces was back when the site last went down. (September 2017). So, if I do not get the opportunity to backup the site as it currently is before it went down a few days ago, people’s data will be lost, new features I have made will be lost, it will pretty much be a step backwards.

I sincerely apologise for this downtime. I also apologise if I can’t recover anything created after September. I hope the site will be back up in one form or another.



yes i know can you not right now?


So my entire fucking Fake Beta Blog will be lost?

So it means i’m forced to REDO IT or use my damn blograppa.

Some spanish dude just decided to throw Escargot Spaces’ server out the window.

And i’ll quit Escargot Spaces and move into a different blog hosting. i dont want to take a fucking risk to lose all of my data.