Rediscovered a 2-year old IM account of mine


So after some random thought, I decided to “dust off” my 2-year old Skype account just to see what’s been going on there (Not much, really).

TBH, now I just want to find an excuse to use Skype again, but finding Skype contacts (especially with my interests) isn’t gonna be easy, and I’d like some change in the IMs I use (although I don’t plan to use Skype as my go-to IM anytime soon). :stuck_out_tongue:

Prepare for the Skype suxxxx!!!!111!1 replies. :stuck_out_tongue:



aight but seriously discord is 10x better


I haven’t used Discord enough to formulate an educated opinion on it, but from seeing my sister use it, it isn’t that different from Skype, aside from audio and video quality, which is much better than what Skype can offer (even screen sharing capabilities are much better). Plus, I don’t see Discord as primarily an IM. It seems to be more of a social network with IM features in its core. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aside from that:

You’ve pretty much summed up all of the people that overreact about anything relating to Skype. :stuck_out_tongue:


just dont use skype 8 , IT SUCKS
use skype 7 its much better :slight_smile: also good luck


LOL I actually have Skype 7 installed after a year of leaving it for dead. :stuck_out_tongue:


good , just dont use skype 8 , it slow and crashes alot


Got it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Woah, I use Discord very much, and P.S.: It’s not a social network, but pretty much an IRC replacement.


your just so lucky…