(Really Offtopic) My country is very bad at technology

aaa so i started with this digital exam and its trash it rubberbands and it has time limit but when you get to the next answer the time resets
and i asked them about this and they told me i got a 0, okay i might exaggerated on that but i am in need of help and there is no help wait so i can get a video

So, being serious. I was going to do an exam that my school sent over the email, I was doing it until it glitched (Skipping questions or sending me to a question i already answered) so i got crazy and did this and some footage to proof it

update: Update: Video

claro por colombia i guess


Claro also exist here (Brazil), it’s not so bad (my grandma had a Claro SIM, it’s not bad)


Bodyy seemss unclearr, iss itt aa completee sentencee?