Random annoucment from pedrox


dont see the reason to why its important that we know that

that’s interesting, but I sure don’t care!


Image result for wow that's interesting but i don't care

me neither but i done what he asked me to do

Wow! That’s Wubbresting, but I sure don’t care!

(No I wont do any wubbzy puns ever again)

“he gets money by nothing”?
Trade is not a easy thing, my dad is a trader too,
It’s a hard thing…

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end the pain im begging you

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Hes still an starter but hes training until we actually do the real thing

Y’all asked for it.

How to make me use my old WLM '09 beta PFP.

  1. Get Requestly (aka the extension a lot of the goanimate community used for a off-topic reason)
  2. Click this button
  3. Then here. image
  4. To show you the only use of MessengerGeekia,
  5. copy “https://wink.messengergeek.com/user_avatar/wink.messengergeek.com/chazizpf94” into the first box (after the “contains” button)
  6. copy “https://static.miraheze.org/messengergeekwiki/1/1b/Wubbzy_is_trash.png” into the 2nd box (after Destination Url)

Now look at that, It ain’t someone who likes to play play play and has a wiggly tail and he likes it that way, it’s your standard vanilla Crappa!

How to make PF94 vanish out of existence

  1. image
  2. image
  3. image
  4. image

what does this have anything to do with the post

this is a post without any topic.


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