R.i.p my switch

Today I was actually Watching Axzyte videos
I turn off the nintendo switch and…
the sadness starts now
I turn on nothing
i turn on another time nothing
i turn on 3rd time nothing

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My switch is litteraly dead
I c

can’t play splatoon 2 now


Buy the new Switch revision. It will work for even longer. And also your Splatoon 2 data is lost forever

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Is it still on warranty? If so, you should definitely bring it to the shop you bought it from or contact support.


Then you better buy a new one, you can probably do nothing on it other than troubleshooting and maybe getting it to work again. Did you try on charging it?

I tried turn on 4seconds and charging all the night

Well My Brother Repaired it

What was wrong with the switch

It freezes for 48 HOURS

What did he do to repair it?


but BTW i do a video version


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I do a video of my problem

Aw, that sucks. I don’t have a switch since I’m not a big nintendo fan, though my brother has the red and blue joycon version (he now has two yellow ones, since the red one stopped working)

I play on it sometimes, though if that happened to my brother I think I know how he would feel. Sympathy

get BOOTROM 8046’d