R.I.P. My Computer

Welp, my computer died today. R.I.P. 2008 - 2019.

Ouch, what happened.

Just booted it up and it just shut itself down. Right when the windows 10 logo came up.

Your fan crapped out or/and the CPU died.

Yeah the fan was spinning normally. sometimes it wont even turn on.

Gonna have to use this old beast again

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A broken hinge is better then the whole computer crapping out on you.

Yeah lol

oh sorry for you :S
ihave 2 computer is not dead^^ because asus is imortal
2012 PC all days
2008 = pc not used all day

time to fix up my old dell from 2004 which still has windows xp

i have a old intel pemntium 4 with xp working good
one problem when it gets hot makes a loud sound but i know how solve this

i think PC requires XP, Vista or 7:stuck_out_tongue:
but this sad story:ั…ะผัƒั€ัััŒ:

8 gb of ram and an intel core 2 quad

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wow not bad in this pc more memory than my PC!