Questions about Escargot server deployment

Hello to all forum members

I have a dedicated server with Ubuntu Server 16.04 and Apache, Nginx, PHP 7 and MySQL

I have been considering the possibility of developing something like Windows Live Spaces or Windows Live Groups, but I think that to make this possible, I want to implement a local Escargot server first, to find a way to communicate a website in html5 and php7 with the Escargot database.

Questions about the Escargot server

I would like to deploy an Escargot server locally using this GitLab code: Escargot / Escargot Server · GitLab

  • At this moment exist a step-by-step manual on how to make this implementation?
  • In addition to Python, what more dependencies does Escargot server require in order to work?
  • Which tcp or udp ports are needed?

Questions about the Escargot server database

  • What kind of database is necessary to store the registered users? SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle?

It is clear that if the database is MySQL, it is much easier to develop a web platform such as Spaces and have direct integration with Escargot registered users.

Thanks in advance


This is the manual at present. The last time I did this from scratch I had to do a few extra things that aren’t mentioned (this was on Windows though) but nothing too extraordinary.

Pip will handle it per the instructions above. The public Escargot service that’s up right now does use Caddy though.

TCP 80, 443, 1863 and 1864.

The default is SQLite. You can swap in whatever engines sqlalchemy will do into, but I tried MySQL tonight and it wasn’t able to create the table without modifying to specify lengths to the following columns: uuid, email, name, message, password and password_md5.

so for example, sa.String to sa.String(20).


Same here, too. I don’t remember, either, but it was a pickle to set up the “extra bits” (cough MSYS2 cough). Wish I had a Linux installation to ease the pain. :stuck_out_tongue:

Never knew you could do that. But then again, I don’t randomly touch things that might break in a flash. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personal story here. While I was setting up my personal YMSG server project in VB6 (bad choice of IDE, I know), I decided to set up a MySQL server that the server program could connect to. Aside from extra fiddling around with the table name, I had to deal with VARCHAR() a lot for the fields. Let’s just say it was kind of limiting and I went with what was considered maximum. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, I’ll be flattered! Welcome, newcomer. It’s nice seeing new people celebrating our new creation regardless of use. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do want to address that if you plan to launch cmd/, that it does reference old modules that are no longer there (ctrl_*). That’s why I modified it a couple months ago in the dev branch, which I recommend using for testing purposes. :stuck_out_tongue:

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