Programs for the Ultimate XP Installation

So I’ve got this installation of Windows XP fully updated with POSReady updates and everything, now it’s time to install the best programs, tweaks or anything for this installation. Suggest anything in the comments and I’ll decide on what to install

note this doesn’t have an AMD athlon idk why it says that

Some media player skins? (I have a few i can give)
A few powertoys? (Which i have also kept, and can give)

Install ShareX 12.0.0. (But first install .NET Framework 4.0, as it requires that)


any more?

Google Chrome 49.0.2623.112.

  • any opera version
  • flash player 10
  • msn messenger (escargot)
  • AVG antivirus

hello, this is open for another bit, so continue suggesting

Install some toolbars XD
I can send the AOL Toolbar ig XD

clean flash player

get from deployments >> releases

(its basically updated chinese flashplayer without the stupid adware program)

final day. i’ll be reviewing what to install so please suggest more things!

WinRAR 6.02.

Install games (Ex: SimCity and RCT (RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 or 2.) Or even OpenRCT 2 (Requires a copy of RCT installed.)

alright so with this we conclude

Alright. :ok_hand:

So I’ve picked out these.

I won’t be putting Audacity, since I already have a better alternative (ocenaudio)

Not that I’m gonna be using this software much for anything, but will put it in.

I prefer Firefox and stuff like Mypal so won’t be using this.

MSN is already installed, Flash Player will be likely included, Opera won’t be installed as like I said I prefer Firefox or Mypal for a browser on XP.

Won’t likely install these, but I might.

Not too sure if to install.

Paint.NET and 7-Zip is already installed, what is Deskbot??

While I prefer 7-Zip I might put this too.

Classics… but will install.

this may reopen in the future.

Ok, thanks. And thanks for accepting my idea, i hope you like It. :+1: