Programs for the Ultimate XP Installation

any more?

Google Chrome 49.0.2623.112.

  • any opera version
  • flash player 10
  • msn messenger (escargot)
  • AVG antivirus

hello, this is open for another bit, so continue suggesting

Install some toolbars XD
I can send the AOL Toolbar ig XD

clean flash player

get from deployments >> releases

(its basically updated chinese flashplayer without the stupid adware program)

final day. i’ll be reviewing what to install so please suggest more things!

WinRAR 6.02.

Install games (Ex: SimCity and RCT (RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 or 2.) Or even OpenRCT 2 (Requires a copy of RCT installed.)

alright so with this we conclude

Alright. :ok_hand:

So I’ve picked out these.

I won’t be putting Audacity, since I already have a better alternative (ocenaudio)

Not that I’m gonna be using this software much for anything, but will put it in.

I prefer Firefox and stuff like Mypal so won’t be using this.

MSN is already installed, Flash Player will be likely included, Opera won’t be installed as like I said I prefer Firefox or Mypal for a browser on XP.

Won’t likely install these, but I might.

Not too sure if to install.

Paint.NET and 7-Zip is already installed, what is Deskbot??

While I prefer 7-Zip I might put this too.

Classics… but will install.

this may reopen in the future.

Ok, thanks. And thanks for accepting my idea, i hope you like It. :+1:

Now i gotta go log off, see you guys soon. :wave:

deskbot is a microsoft agent thingy

would you like me to send some Wmplayer skins?

necrobump cuz u didnt give update
rant rant war war

what I literally said on everything