Problems with Escargot Spaces, again


I was setting up my site on Escargot Spaces when I suddenly started redirecting to this page every time I entered the site:

This site is different every time the page is reloaded. I thought I was the victim of some malware that was redirecting the pages, but this is not happening to me alone.

I wonder why this happened and when it will be fixed.

Escargot Spaces

yeah, thats happening to me to (tun tcha tun tun tun tcha)


i was going to put in caps “ESCARGOT SPACES IS DOWN!!!” but atleast someone beat me at making that post.

i was like “dafuq?” when i got to that page.
PS: im already trying to contact Michael Power.
PS2: i gotta admit, thats pretty funny @Megadeth58


fri internet hostage plz buy for cool wordpress shit!!!111 200 dolla a month!!


so… rip escargot spaces


yes, it has died (for now)


omg look
search google for
"why did i get redirected to suspendeddomain"
other people had this, this ain’t good


oh fuck
dam dam dam dam dam


Apparently the hosting account got suspended for this reason

Long story short, we MAY need to find a different host.

Rip escargot spaces?

soooo, when its gonna get back up running


tomorrow hopefully


I am sorting out to get the hosting account unsuspended. I will retrieve all the files and move to a different host. There is no ETA at this time.


dang it. i signed up yesterday too


so no escargot spaces? :frowning:


at least a week with that message you left


The host unsuspended the account. Spaces is back up. I am going to concentrate on finding a new host to ensure this doesn’t happen again.


Thanks to fix :slight_smile:


apparently it shut down again LOOOL


Escargot Spaces down again :confused:


ok, i backed up everything this morning. i can’t do anything right now as i’m at school.