Problem with butterfly msn :(


Today when I wanted to sign in on msn butterfly has appeared this error message, this had never happened and now I can’t sign in , please help :’(


Faced the same thing too last night ( if it’s esp. you face a " Nameserver exception " dialog box repeatedly depending on how many times you click the " > Sign in " button ). :disappointed: Glad I’m not the only one facing the issue. :relieved:

I also hope it gets an option to log in automatically. :pensive:


jonathan help :c


I get that as well. No worries–if anyone really needs to reach me, they can call. If it’s an emergency, they’ll send a deputy to check on me.

I think it was very kind of Jonathan to make the time to cobble together this little proggie for us.


i try with an other acc , and works lol


I’m having the same problem here, and I’ve tried with three different accounts and still I can’t sign in :pensive:


yeah , there seems to be a problem with the ip


I’m curious if the version from today actually fixes the existing connection problem as well as the problem. Can anyone confirm?


I don’t have any problem currently with msn butterfly, but seeing routinfo MSNP throws me the following: //


So, me and my friends from Brazil still can’t use butterfly. Does anyone knows another way to accept requests?


skype i think :frowning:


no D: i really don’t know what to do


what issue throw you msn butterfly?


try with wlm2012 also


but that’s the version i’m using


someone can help me?


Can you try again with the version posted today? I think I found the root cause of the problem, the server is sending IP addresses which aren’t connectable as the gateway IP, but thankfully still sends the Messenger server’s host name correctly. I changed the logic to use the host name instead of the IP and it seems to have addressed the problem.


Thanks man, i’d did it, I’m online.


don’t work for me… give me this error in the photo pls help


reset butterfly messenger by deleting:

c:/users/(your account name)/AppData/Local/Butterfly Messenger ->alla the files within it.