Problem with Aim Phoinex

This might be a topic thats already solved, if it is then send me the link to the topic.

I tried singing in with aim 5.1 and it does this:

It takes a very long time to sign in, then it fails on step two saying my password was incorrect.
I changed the server to and it still doesnt work. I need help with this please.

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Are you REALLY sure that you enterred the correct password?

Try resseting it

does it do this when you try signing in on the website?

Im 99% sure I entered my password right @Nojus2001

And I am able to log into the phoinex website, but I cant log into aim itself. @Jarhead_Gamer38

it’s phoenix not “phoinex”
like it says so on the website itself



i figured out the problem, it was that i was on my virtualbox windows xp so thats why it wasnt connecting