Probably a new MSN server coming soon

Thanks to a guy i got a VPS and i’m running currently 3.x and 4.x versions of Windows Messenger (barely, i need someone that can help me running the Python one)

I’m searching:

1 guy who can make a website and make the register account (that works with the database)
2 guys who can beta test it
2 guys who can code on Python and make the server run

please contact me on:

skype: live:logigan18
discord: Morty#8063

Good luck finding geeks on this forum :smiley: Unfortunately, there is no one with such abilities (Python coding) here.

And if someone find this, I would encourage him to help us on the original version instead of working on a fork. We are open to commits so there is no reason to fork it.

Anyway, what’s the point of having a second server? People on your server won’t be able to talk to people on Escargot server and vice-versa :frowning:

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Well, you are right.
I might host only a game for Escargot but i don’t have any knownledge.
Well, nobody is interested in asking me to host a Escargot Game on my VPS.

Anyway, i think the MSN server thing is a BAAAD idea…