• WLM Development will be faster after wlm 8.0 starts running
  • More users will come
  • A subreddit will be created
  • malware
  • ddos
  • raids
  • hacks
  • sites about emoticons, themes, etc
  • a new messenger plus, if patchou gets back the rights and the time
  • an AIM server (?)

1: remember that the Escargot team cannot release a update to Escargot without the leader “Valtron”.
2: of course, it always happens
3: possible, not yet done (r/EscargotMSN, maybe?)
4, 5, 6, 7: normal in this day and age.
8: #soon™, we already have the emoticons list, (iLoveMessenger 2, anyone?)
9: i wish
10: maybe, as AIM is being discontinued.


it’s not a thing, but it’s still on reddit:
this link shows all posts with the Escargot page as a post (redirect posts) (so far, at the time of posting, 1)

PS: r/EscargotMSN is open (at the time of edit).

EDIT2: it seem that the user “valtron2000” has posted a link to the server (and gitlab, also the I made a MSN Server thread.) during Escargot’s starting point, exactly Fri Apr 14 20:03:46 2017 UTC.

WLM 8.0 is difficult.

I meant a website where you can host all the content the people found and made so far. Do i even need to tell you.
EDIT: i meant not just you, Everyone, helping and preserving another piece of 2000s childhood. (I’ve never really used msn, though)