POSReady 2009 updates broken

I recently installed POSReady 2009 update trick on a Windows XP MCE but when i try to get updates the update page gets stuck on checking for updates

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POSReady isn’t supported anymore

can’t i still download the updates?

i’ve got no idea, haven’t tried it

after about 1 hour it was able to pull all updates

to speed up the update process follow my blog post i made on how to enable TLS 1.2 support that actually fixes the POSReady 2009 long updates search issue.

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Or just use Vista.

You do realise that you need to do almost the same process on vista to get WU working on there too?

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or just use 7

That trash?(Yes it’s trash and I think Vista is way better then 7 IMO!) It’s just Vista beloved by 12 year old’s who don’t even know the history of Windows. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love how 7 looks and feels but i’m using windows xp for a reason. And it’s not so i can upgrade an xp vm to 7

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would you actually have bought Vista Ultimate at retail for $399? or even the upgrade for $259?

also I prefer 7 because its changes (that I use) are mostly functional and Vista’s are primarily aesthetic.

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I think so … Vista look decent and pretty cool. If I Compare to 7 (just for the UI only), I can said Vista more like home… while 7 looks …just like weird glass-made trash. … for some reason…