Pool about Windows XP

I’ve read and seen in these days some posts about people who still use Windows XP in 2020. I love it too and i use it to run old games and applications that doesn’t run very well on newer OS… Like Gta san andreas or microsoft flight simulator x gives me a lot of problems in Windows 10 :stuck_out_tongue:
So… Why do you use Windows XP? :slight_smile:

  • Running old games, application etc
  • I just like Windows XP and i use it as primary OS
  • I just installed it on a Virtual machine
  • I use it on an older PC
  • Dual boot with another OS
  • Other (write in comments :P)

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I use it because I’m used to it and everything what I need runs =P

i use it in a vm to test out software and viruses :slight_smile:

i use it on an old computer that has vista and 7 installed too