Please stop this stuff


This forum is dying … Spam, wars, pleas about SkyDrive (lol I myself condemned), wlm 2009 now. Please stop! I can distract people from this shit by creating site concepts, skins for the messenger and others. Please stop

Jesus christ, guys, can't we just get along?

wot, did @Leo_Histeries got banned?


all leo historias accounts are banned :slight_smile:


This user is suspended until Jan 25, 2018 3:32 pm.
Reason: Fake Leo, pending delete



if is fake, who did his fake account
maybe someone who hate´s someone


this is strange :-\


im gonna say one thing: how he moderators know it was fake… well maybe its not fake, maybe he used vpn no known here and the mods thinked it was other. or just is because isnt leo ip


It’s dying because simply there are too few mods to maintain the forums, thus providing the abominable creations like Leo and this luigi guy. Unless if they’ll appoint more mods/janitors/whatever you call them staff the forums will be practically trash.


Tux, you look more older than yesterday


a few days ago i made fake leo account. @TReKiE ban it and wrote to me please dontt make leo again please… I dont know how he knows that I made an account…


the real poblem is leo_historias clones


It’s because he has the mod logs.


how it was called?




its all about ip


maybe he is the @leo_histeries but lets not fight


leo_historias destroyed this fórum




sort of)


was called @Leo_hstorias ?