Please, stop it, newbies!


Hi. I’m tired of seeing every new user complaining of “I WANT WLM” or “WE WANT THE GAMES” or “PLZ MAKE WLM 8, DON’T BE LAZY”.
Please. If you’re new to the forum, R E A D the threads related to the problems you want to resolve.

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You are right



Every time I log in, I see topics that are essentially “WHERE IS WLM SUPPORT???”

If you want it so bad, do it yourself:

Such is the life of open source software. If you don’t contribute it’ll die. The original maintainer cannot maintain a project forever. He’s already paying for the servers, now pay in code.


blame the contact list service for changing for WLM.
also, you do know that we can’t just make games out of nothing?
also if our current method of playing games does not work, you are not english.


I’m glad somebody mentioned this. There are always about three of these posts every single time I log on to here. I’m sure WLM support will come eventually, we just need to be patient. These things take time.