PedroxTheBest supposedly "has" the ip address of eper98 in a nutshell

Yes i’m making one of these again

Original screenshot: baaaaaaaaa

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truly amazing

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Debunking this shit:

  • Your Router (if it’s NAT), has to open ports from RDP, SSH (22), Telnet (23) or VNC.
  • Your Firewall has to do it as well (if enabled)
  • You need servers installed

so why does he think he can remote him?



  • All remote protocols if you set them up properly require you enter a password
  • RDP kicks you out of your account if you connect to your own account
  • SSH and Telnet are non GUI (is Pedrox able to handle this?!?)

so let me make this clear :stuck_out_tongue:
i sent him this pic

i wanted to see if he does read the text or not (image )
there are some screenshots :stuck_out_tongue:

yeaaaa right, what if i have more PCs connected to the network?

does he even know how to remote into a PC?

o o f

you rekt him

how to remote control a pc pedrox mode:

  1. open teamviewer
  2. ask the person for the details (ID, pass)
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

i usually use remote desktop connection. hope he wasn’t using that to remote him

Only real hackers use public remote admin. protocols like me kek

i bet he “Knows” people

I bet he watches “HOW TO DDOS SOMEONE OVER CMD [LEGIT]” videos made in 2009 with HyperCam and Windows XP


and what would he even do if he actually got in

idk maybe format C or syskey :stuck_out_tongue:
(you cant format C)

delete system32?

anything he does could probably be repaired. even if he needs to put the hard drive in another computer to get his files

i dont really care if he has my ip

Pfft. Even those scammers from India do that shit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Syskey was removed from 10

Yeah it was removed to make Windows 10 PCs more “safe”. It’s a very old Windows component that was introduced in Windows NT 4.0 SP3.

Did you know that Syskey once had a bug that affected both Windows NT 4.0 Post-SP3 and pre-RC3 versions of windows 2000?