Patchy messages and can't log in MSN 7.0

Problem description: For the past two days a friend and I have had messages not go through to each other, sometimes sent back in red, sometimes nothing goes through at all, and sometimes they’ll all suddenly send in a big block even if they were actually sent an hour ago. After giving up last night, I now can’t sign in at all.

Error code/error message: 81000306

What has been tried so far: Reattempting sign ins, restarting laptop, ending task and retrying

Messenger version: 7.0 Patched

Windows version: Windows 10

Is it server outages or something we could work around?

Having the exact same problem in MSN 8. Cant sign in, same error code.

propably server outages–i cant login almost no at all today

Ahhh thanks everyone, it’s good to know it’s not just me then. Hope it fixes for us all soon!

Got fixed for me rn, go check out!

i’m online…for now :stuck_out_tongue: